Saturday, August 29, 2009

most dangerous celebrities online

Internet security company McAfee has released a list of the top celebrities searches that are the most risky, possibly landing users with viruses or spyware
Searching for the
When 'Jessica Biel screensavers' was searched, almost half of the sites were identified as containing malicious downloads
Internet users should be careful when looking online for the
Inputting ' Beyonce ringtones' into a search engine yielded a dangerous Web site linking to a distributor of adware
searching for " Jennifer Aniston screensavers
end up with the "FunLove virus
The Patriots quarterback is no stranger to the Super Bowl, but fans of his may score a super bad virus if they search for his stats. McAfee identified the Trojan Virus in Tom Brady-related searches.
McAfee identified the Trojan Virus in Tom Brady-related searches
Patriots quarterback
Jessica Simpson's former relationship with NFL QB Tony Romo and the controversy surrounding her fluctuating weight resulted in countless internet headlines over the past year. But, people searching for the singer should be cautious. According to McAfee:
Searching for 'Jessica Simpson videos' can mislead unsuspecting surfers to sites with potentially damaging downloads
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