Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009-10 premier league preview - Manchester United

Manyoo will not win the premier Ronaldo. He won probably 6 games last season just in a moment of his brilliance.
Who is going to step up to the plate with the same magic? Rooney? He's a terrier and can find the goal but brilliant...i think not. that is a dilemma. In the same mould as Roon, but older and slower now and injury prone. But, he can find the net.
New boy Valencia is going to have to do some spectacular work, but as a scorer...? I think he can provide the necessary assists.
Midfield is solid and can come to the party with goals...Scholes...but at the back is where i'm worried. Rio seems a tad slow at the moment and Vidic is the best if fit. Oshea and Evans will show a calm at the least until Edwin comes back between the sticks.

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