Friday, August 28, 2009

Lighthouse vs Waves

Mouro Lighthouse, Spain
Mouro Lighthouse
Kereon Lighthouse in Brittany, France:
Kereon Lighthouse, Brittany
South Haven Lighthouse – don’t miss the huge icicles on the bridge:
South Haven, Lake Michigan
Sheboygan Lighthouse on Lake Michigan, clearly weather beaten:
Sheboygan, Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan’s Grand Haven lighthouse pounded by the waves:
Grand Haven, Lake Michigan

And here, totally frozen over and in a storm – can’t beat this image:
GRand Haven frozen over
Here’s the Oswego Lighthouse on Lake Ontario in New York state:
Oswego, Lake Ontario
The lighthouse in Seaham, Durham County, UK being dwarfed by the waves:
Seaham, UK
And another lighthouse in the North Sea getting pounded by waves and 130 km/h winds:
North Sea storm
The lighthouse in Porthcawl on the South Wales coast getting swallowed by the waves:
Porthcawl, Wales
The photograph that made La Jument in Brittany famous:
La Jument, Brittany
The lighthouse of Ar-Men in Brittany engulfed by a wave:
Ar-Men Brittany
A fair bit of wave washing at El Malecon, Havannah’s famous seaside walkway:
Malecon, Havannah
Dramatic - Mouro Lighthouse, Spain:
Mouro Island
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