Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009-10 premier league preview - West Ham

Well, as an Iron fan, i could be biased but an earthiness come to the fore.
Carlton Cole was a key player last season, and we await breathlessly as to a fit Dean Ashton making an appearance.
It was scary the way
new signing Luis Jimenez was muscled off the ball against Spurs. His presence as a creative forward will go a long way but he has to develop a hardness.
Zola's MO is attack and he has the midfield legs in young players but a lot will depend on Noble being free to explore his talents and not having to constantly defend. Important that Kovac and Behrami play as they have the height and speed to cover mid and back in defensive plays.
Will we retain Upson? We seems to have adequate cover in Spector and Tomkins. Gabbidon coming back gives experience but Toshack who plays anyone with injuries in the Welsh team has exposed him as a player a good bit slower and not up to his usual sharpness.
The injured Luis Boa Morte was just coming off a good season for his standards so who do we have in the wings? Dyer, Collison Behrami?
At least we will be exciting....goal scoring will be of importance with us allowing in at least a goal per game last season.

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