Monday, August 17, 2009

American Fascism: Corporatism

it's not govt that's the problem; it's corporatism--govt/business incest
market free of government interference is what most Republican voters think
they are supporting, but what the Republican Party supports –
especially in the actions of its members in office (
excepted) – is not
free markets but corporatism. The difference between genuine free
markets and corporatism is essentially the difference between a
politically free country and Hitler's


or Mussolini's


: corporatism is basically
fascist in nature, with business and government entwined in an unhealthy
embrace of the
with the politically
. Regular,
non-powerful people are simply out of luck. A perfect (and rather
sickening) example is the USDA
cattle ranchers (and any private firm) from testing their own cattle for
Mad Cow disease, something unthinkable in a free society.
years ago, noted philosopher
described an
important and now-famous discovery: "Everything government touches
turns to crap."
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