Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'I Love You' is worth £163,424

Yet another study was carried out by researcher Brainjuicer for the book "You Are Really Rich, You Just Don't Know It Yet", which asked over 1,000 people what made them happy.

They were asked to rate 50 different life experiences and compare them
A new monetary value was then calculated using a rating system for those things in life which make us happy.
clipped from www.metro.co.uk
Good health is our most precious possession with a value of £180,105
being told "I Love You" comes second - worth £163,424
Living in a peaceful and safe country is worth £129,448
having children is valued at £123,592
spending time with your family is worth £110,04.
Having a good laugh is valued at £108,021
sex is worth £105,210
going on holiday comes in at £91,759
peace and quiet priced £89,828.
Reading a book is worth £53,660
Being happy at work is £37,229
but looking forward to the weekend is worth more at £49,764.
Getting up in the morning and anticipating a good day is worth £17,652
getting home in the evening as it's worth £45,328
Eating chocolate comes higher than cooking a meal, £40,808 compared with £31,947.

Having a pet is worth £78,640 as a companion but a priceless baby is worth much more at £123,592.

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