Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fishing the Georges RIver

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1. Captain Cook Bridge ? Position your self upward of the tide, and fish into the holes created around the structure of the bridge, you can catch Bream, Trevally, flathead
2. Drift here for Bream, flathead, whiting, tailor
3. In a southerly wind fish here for Bream, flathead
4. Connells point ? anchor up here create a berley trial, and fish for bream, flathead
5. Never fail Bay sand flats ? on the run out tide, fish here with live baits for good sized bream
6. Cranbrook Leases ? hard spot to fish\, however huge bream have been seen and caught
7. Thompson?s Bay ? Fish around anchor near the drop off, and fish around the oyster leases for bream and flathead.
8. Bangor ? Troll or drift the sand flats for flathead
9. Jannali Reserve ? fish out of here, either on shore or drifting in a boat, you could catch Bream, mullet, flathead
10. Wearne Bay ? fish inside the line of oyster leases and the rocky shoreline for bream, flathead
11. Great Moon Bay ? this spot is very good for bream
12. Rocky fish
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