Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Iraq's organ trade

Abject poverty across Iraq is fuelling an illegal trade in human organs.
sold kidneys and other organs through dealers in the capital, Baghdad
desperate for the $3,000 he would get from the sale of a kidney there. 
"I have taken a loan to build my house," he told
"I thought I would be able to get work in order to be able to pay my debts back, but the daily amount I am getting is not enough to feed my family, I have eight children."
About 23 per cent of Iraqis live in poverty, meaning that they are forced to survive on $2.2 a day or less, according to government figures.
"I got a kidney for my cousin through dealers
"It cost us more than $15,000. Most of it went to dealers who take two-thirds of the amount
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