Friday, February 20, 2009

'Miracle' recovery astounds all

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Mike Connolly's family and many of his nurses are calling him a miracle man
heart stopped in late January and he lay in a coma for 96 hours before his family
gave the OK
to disconnect life support.
That's when Connolly woke up.
His stepson, Mike Cooper, was reading Scripture beside Connolly's hospital bed last week when he saw a tear slide down the man's cheek.
Cooper said he didn't think that was significant until he left the room and started walking down the hallway, only to hear shouts from a family member still at Connolly's side.
"He said Mike was responding," Cooper said. "I didn't believe him, but I went back in there, and it was true. You would say his name, and he would turn his head toward you. It was a miracle."
Connolly's pulmonary doctor, said it is not a stretch to call the sudden recovery miraculous
He said his chest aches from the CPR.
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