Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carl Orff, a music born out of nazi-ism

the piece...Carmina Burana is very famous
Carl Orff (1895-1982) must be counted one of the most successful of
twentieth- century composers. Carmina Burana is performed every day
Those four triumphant chords followed by a whispered chant and its
chugging accompaniment
In spite of Orff’s success
of music seldom make more than a nod in his direction.
discussion of his music lasts long before someone calls him “a Nazi
The women in his life speak, without bitterness, of a man who was
more at home in the “dark world” of Greek tragedy
Orff may have despised the Nazis for their lack of aesthetic
sensibility (!), as his biographer puts it, but he
prospered under the Third Reich. He
was no ideologue, merely an opportunist,
Carmina Burana was a great success with the Nazis,
but is it Nazi music? “O, Fortuna!” certainly generates an
atmosphere of mass excitement,
Carmina Burana itself is supposed to be accompanied
by “magic pictures”,
Orff was fascinated by puppets
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