Thursday, January 15, 2009

world's most beautiful castles= Château de Chillon

Lake Geneva, Montreaux. Excavations here have turned up evidence of a Bronze Age settlement, but the castle as it now stands was created between the 12th and 18th centuries. Its popularity got a huge boost in 1816. That year, following a visit, Lord Byron published his long poem "The Prisoner of Chillon"; the work refers to the "seven pillars of Gothic mold" that stand in "Chillon's dungeons deep and old.
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understand the daily life of the Court of Savoy


reminds us of the great Gothic cathedrals of the 13th Century

Great halls

Savoy family held sumptuous banquets

Chambre bernoise

14th Century murals is extremely rich in medieval symbols.


14th Century paintings make it one of the rare religious buildings to have escaped the iconoclastic zeal of the Reformation.


The lake side of the castle is a princely residence dedicated to all the luxuries of the court. However, the mountain side is a veritable fortress, with its watchtowers, sentry walk, double ramparts, moat and turrets, everything was in place to prevent attack at any time.

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