Friday, January 16, 2009

Christian sex suggestions - The knee trembler


Position #50: The Knee-Trembler

Doggy on stairs :-)

rear entry that is done on a set of stairs. To get into position the husband and wife both find a set of stairs that looks inviting.
wife will kneel on a higher step and then the husband will kneel on a step that is one lower than his wife. This usually results in the parts lining up okay
husband is then ready to insert. The great thing about this position is that the husband doesn’t necessarily have to do the thrusting. The wife can control the thrusting if she wants to, by simply backing down
If there are banister rails to hold on to, then this position can rock! If not, then you may need to so at a slower pace, to reduce the chances of someone tumbling down the stairs.
Cons: If your stairs are wooden or hard, you may get sore knees. No face to face kissing in this one.
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