Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Jobs We Could Outsource To Animals

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Rabbit Chefs
With nearly twice as many taste buds as the average human
trust them to know just what kinds of foods will taste best and how to prepare them.
Seahorse Crossing Guards
can move their two eyes independently of one another, making them the perfect pedestrian ushers at dangerous intersections. Also, we wouldn’t need to buy them reflector jackets.
Scorpion Meteorologists
ultra-sensitive hairs that are able to detect even the most minute changes in temperature, pressure and air movements
do a better job projecting weather patterns than our current ridiculously inaccurate meteorologists.
Pest Control Cats
They inhabit the same spaces and share many of the same routines as most pests
turn over municipal pest control agencies to a team of negotiator cats?
Penguin Oil Rig Maintenance Crews
Instead of bringing people to far-off oil rig sites, sending them into the depths to spend weeks in pressurized tanks
these expert divers whose flat corneas allow them to see very clearly underwater
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