Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Floating Villages of Lake Titicaca

floating island

Waking up to see the world floating past your window would fill most people with a deep foreboding and have them running outside to see what catastrophe had just occurred – was it shock flooding or a nightmarish storm that carried your house away? Or it could be just another ordinary day on a buoyant bed of reeds in Lake Titicaca.

uros island

Sitting high in the Peruvian landscape at 3,812 m (12,464 ft), are around 40 fully-functioning floating islands. Initially created by the Uros people of Peru in Inca times, these wonderful islands stemmed from the need to escape incessant fighting and trouble on the mainland. This way the quiet Uros tribe could, quite literally, steer clear of aggressors, and because it has worked so well for the inhabitants for centuries there seems no reason to move to solid ground.

women and boat

women working

reed huts

uros girl

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