Friday, November 21, 2008

Worlds Most Bizarre and Intriguing Hot Air Balloons

As the oldest successful form of human-carrying flight technology, the ingenious application of basic scientific principles for hot air balloons have transcended from the centuries-old creations to use for recreation and sport today. Festivals and competitions have spawned a wide array of contraptions from inventive forms of advertising to some of the most bizarre and crazy designs in the form of hot dogs, funky animals, weird monsters, ‘fearsome’ dragons, and even space shuttles.

The first clearly recorded instance of balloon passengers were not humans, but a sheep, a duck and a chicken on an 8-minute flight over France on September 19 1783, in the Montgolfier brothers’ first demonstration flight for King Louis XVI, proving that humans would be able to breathe at these higher elevations.

Inside of the US Bank balloon. Photo Chris Breeze
Under the Canadian flag. Photo Heidiwholeness
Harrison Park, London. Photo Ian Duke
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