Saturday, November 22, 2008

Granny Pool (flat) to solve housing shortage

while looking for home for last 6 months..i never seen so many houses with pools! You'd think there's a water shortage in Sydney! Or no beaches! But everyone wants a patch of chlorine and spend thousands a year maintaining it! Suckers i say.
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An architectural firm believes backyard swimming pools should be emptied and transformed into subterranean granny flats, complete with a small bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, garden alcove and rooftop windows.

created in response to former premier Morris Iemma's announcement in July that the Government would modify housing codes to make it easier for homeowners to build "secondary dwellings" in backyards.
By 2036 more than 630,000 new homes will be needed to accommodate Sydney's population, which is expected to grow to 6 million. But instead of turning traditionally low-rise suburbs into vast stretches of apartment blocks, part of the growth could be housed within some of NSW's 360,000 swimming pools
pools could "float" when rain saturated the soil
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