Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to beat food cravings

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Can't help but give in to a craving? Here's why you love the fattening foods you do and how to stop wanting them...


Beat it: Some women find that by increasing their intake of the mineral magnesium - by eating nuts, whole grains like wholemeal bread and porridge, and spinach - their hormonally driven chocolate cravings lessen.

Sugar and sweets

Beat it: Never skip meals, and base your diet largely around lower glycaemic carbohydrates like grainy bread, porridge and wholewheat pasta, which are digested slowly and help smooth out blood sugar fluctuations. A protein snack (a handful or prawns or half a can of tuna) may also break the grip of a sugar craving when you're in imminent danger of overdosing on sweets.

Chips and savoury snacks

Beat it: Go for naturally lower fat versions, which have far fewer calories.

Bread and pasta

Beat it: Control your portions and you'll be OK. Starchy carbs are actually healthy. It's just overdoing it and adding creamy sauces
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