Monday, August 2, 2010

Homer's Odyssey

a bit of silliness...a few Classics majors liberated a bust of Homer from his accustomed spot in the seminar room, and documented his travels as he explored the Oberlin Campus
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Homer at the Museum
Homer began his day by visiting the Allen Art Museum. 
Homer at the Lab
Homer fulfills his natural science requirements.
Homer at the Pool
Time for a break!  Homer contemplates the wine-dark sea.
Lifeguard Homer
Homer cares about your safety.
Homer searches the stars
Homer contemplates the stars.  The air here in Ohio is so clear -- no clouds to obscure one's view.
Homer on the roof
Finished with the telescope, Homer surveys his domain.
Homer in the chair
Homer meant to work on his thesis, but fell asleep instead.
Homer studying
Homer is studying for his honors exam.
Homer is lonely
Homer begins to question the study habits of Oberlin students.
Homer on the swing
Homer needs a push.
Homer at the Computer
After a long day, Homer updates his Facebook©® status.
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