Saturday, January 2, 2010

great photoshop tip - magnetic lasso tool

for selecting areas..this caps lock increased my fondness for this tool..

A Better Icon For Better Selections

the mouse cursor for the Magnetic Lasso Tool doesn't really tell us anything.
The Magnetic Lasso Tool icon in Photoshop. Image © 2009 Photoshop
much more useful icon, press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. This switches the icon to a circle with a small crosshair in the center. The circle represents the width of the area that Photoshop looks for edges. Only the area inside the circle is looked at. Everything outside of it is ignored. The closer a potential edge is to the crosshair in the center of the circle, the more importance Photoshop gives it when trying to determine where the edges of your object are:
Changing the Magnetic Lasso Tool's icon to a circle. Image © 2009 Photoshop
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