Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amateur star-gazer captures astonishing images of Milky Way through hole in roof of his garden shed

Budget: Mr Shah, 38, fitted his garden shed with a sliding roof and spent £20,000 linking his telescope to his home computer before capturing the images
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Peter Shah, 38, cut a hole in the roof of his wooden shed and set up his modest eight-inch telescope inside.

After months of patiently waiting for the right moment, he captured a series of striking images of the Milky Way from the comfort of his own back garden.

telescope pictures taken by Peter Shah

Striking: Amateur astronomer Peter Shah captured this incredible image of The Pleiades from a telescope in his garden shed

His photographs show a vivid variety of star clusters light years from Earth and have been compared favourably with the images taken from the £2.5billion Hubble telescope.

But Mr Shah spent only £20,000 to equip his garden shed with a telescope linked to his home computer.

I have fitted it with a sliding roof so I can sit in comfort and look at the heavens.

Peter Shah telescope pictures

Patient: Mr Shah spent months in his back garden carefully capturing the images, including this one of The Monkey's Head nebula

Peter Shah telescope pictures

Universe: The collection of images, including this one of The Bubble nebula

Peter Shah telescope pictures


Peter Shah telescope pictures

Budget: Mr Shah, 38

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