Wednesday, January 27, 2010

awesome..............mood adjuster page

love to fall asleep to it at night

Rainy Mood helps you relax with the sound of RAIN!

Rainy MoodOne of my favorite hacks involves using audio to set a mood. I've created an "anger playlist" to calm myself down when I'm angry, and I often listen to binaural beat tracks to help wake myself up without the use of caffeine, or to help me focus on what I'm working on.

The sound of rain has always created a certain calmness for me. Apparently the same is true for others, to the extent that someone went to the trouble to create Rainy Mood, a single-purpose website that plays a high-quality 30 minute loop of rainy weather sounds.

The audio is superb, and if you close your eyes it can transport you to a totally different place. But what I particularly enjoy about Rainy Mood is that the sound is very much like white noise, and I can use it to cover up the distracting noises going on around me, but it's far more pleasant to listen to than noise tracks.

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