Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great One liners

Television is chewing gum for the mind - Frank Lloyd Wright

The scenery was beautiful but the actors got in front of it - Noel Coward

I've seen Don entertian fifty times and I've always enjoyed his joke - Johnny Carson

Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people
who can't read - Frank Zappa

When i want to read a novel, I write one - Benjamin Disraeli

Henry James was one of the nicest old ladies I ever met - William Faulkner

The mama of Dada - Clif Fadiman (of Gertrude Stein)

He has Van Gogh's ear for music - Orsen Welles (of Donny Osmond)

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose
yours - Harry S Truman

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