Friday, June 5, 2009

artificial surf reef off Bournemouth in Dorset

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Europe's first artificial surf reef taking shape.
about the size of a football pitch and will double the size of the waves crashing into the shore at Bournemouth in Dorset a surfing mecca.
Thousands of tons of sand have been stockpiled on the beach and pumped into giant textile bags that are anchored to the sea bed.
artificial reef
costs spiraling from the original £1.4m estimate to £3m
artificial waves
It was designed by ASR Ltd, a company founded by oceanographer Dr
Kerry Black, who travelled the entire Pacific Rim to study 44 of the
world's best surf breaks.
He said: 'Surfers like a waves that breaks where you can surf across the face. To
do that, you need to break up the regular form of the beach and the
reef does that for you.'
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