Wednesday, June 10, 2009

draw this daddy!

The artist attempts to fulfil the regular briefs given to him by his daughter
The Brief: A mama snail and a baby snail
The Critique: I'm sorry to say that you're worser than me.
The Brief: A dinosaur in a X-Ray
The Critique: I just want to see a little mousey in his tummy
The Brief: A dinosaur eating a R and an O and an S and a I and a E
The Critique: That's not what I want. That's a Brachiosaurus. I want a T Rex.
The Brief:
a dragon sneaking up on a girl. She's picking flowers.
The Critique: Daddy it's not supposed to be like that! He has dog legs! I'm so mad at you!
Second Attempt:
The Critique: No I hate the dragon's head!
The Brief: A Crocodile
The Critique: What's he going to do to that bird? Is he going to eat him? That's not what I want
The Brief: A Monkey
The Critique: Stupid ugly angry monkey. I hate him.
The Brief: A dinosaur, not too scary
The Critique: He's a ugly one! I hate those kind of dinosaurs! Where's your eraser?
The Brief: A dinosaur chasing us
The Critique: Where's us? Draw us on the picture!
The Brief:
Good. I want a treat.
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