Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese cuisine from 1000 years of starvation!

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First you must find a place to eat.

Then try Star Fish fried in Shark Oil.

On to Baby Sharks, Deep Fried Star Fish and Sea Urchins.

The appetizers continue with Turkey Vulture Schnitzels, Sea Snakes and Silk Worms.

Ohhh whats the smell? Could it be Grilled Snake? Yes, yes it could!

Theres more to this feast when we enjoy Dog Liver and veggies.

Ahhhh the feast de la resistance - Goat Lungs and Red Peppers.

With your choice of Cow Stew or Horse Stew!

Or perhaps a bowl or Dog Brain Soup for the canine lovers out there.

For dessert we’re enjoying Lizard Legs & Scorpion Brochettes.

Be sure to ask the Sous Chef to pack up a doggy bag of Black Scorpions, Silk Worms, Dung Beetles and Cicadas

Oh! I almost forgot how much grandma loves Grilled Snake. Two please.

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