Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abandoned Castles Of Russian Countryside

designed by the forgotten architect Boitzov
Apparently some Russian architects of the 19th century visited Europe often enough to be influenced by medieval castles and French-style palaces. Among them was architect P. S. Boitzov, who built a number of fancy castle-like mansions in Moscow area:
1.Muromtzevo Masion
One Boitzov's wealthy client, V. Khrapovitzky, decided to erect a real thing instead of poor imitations.
so Boitzov had to come up with the authentic French-style palace
2. Beautiful Uspenskoe Mansion
One of the last owners of this castle was Sergei Morozov, who allowed many prominent Russian painters (including Levitan) to live in this house.
3. English-style Vasilievskoe
4. Eltzin's Retreat Area
neo-gothic castle-like mansion
it's being restored (to the tune of 250 million dollars) into Podushkino Castle
All these mansions were designed by vastly underrated and essentially forgotten architect P. S. Boitzov
illuminated fountain he designed on the Lubyanka Square
for coronation of Russian Tzar Nikolai II
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