Friday, November 2, 2007

make money from stockmarket

IF you don't know, you can make money trading on the stockmarket. Beware though, the big boys are in a dirty game where knowledge is everything and so is being first with it. So when you subscribe for that newsletter, you are probably already weeks...maybe even months down the road from the "action".

So, how do you make money? One of the best ways is to get advanced warning that the local market will go down and then have a system in place where you buy stocks that are not on a high PE ratio, and are in the top 300 companies and have a consistency in making profit.
So, the US market went down, the DOW by -360, S&P by -40.
The Australian market followed like a little lamb..ASX 200 -132, ALL ORDS -126.
This happens like clockwork. And rational people will know that a decent company with consistent profit (and minus any REALLY BAD NEWS-factor this into risk analysis) will bounce right back up.
You don't have to know just happens.
One of the bigger falls was
MCC 8.090 -5.05% 8.050 8.150

So...if we are prepared to buy 1000 tomorrow at the $8 mark (depending if the US markets rally..then the Aust will follow and the chance is gone...otherwise we will have a stock that could be down as much as a dollar...on current pe of 22.. a bit high for this industry..lets see.

Closing prices are displayed for the last 5 days

Date Last % Change High Low Vol *
01 Nov 2007 8.520 -5.86% 8.710 8.400 1,653,389
31 Oct 2007 9.050
4.99% 9.390 8.150
30 Oct 2007 8.620 2.86% 8.790 8.420 2,055,515
29 Oct 2007 8.380 7.71% 8.380 7.840
26 Oct 2007 7.780 4.57% 7.790 7.500 931,425

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