Monday, November 5, 2007

humorous book titles

My Golden Wedding

by Annie Versary

Cooking Spaghetti
Eating Disorders
by Al Dente
by Anna Rexia

by Rosie Cheeks
by Jack B. Nimble

Car Capital Of The World
by Lauren Order
by Mitch Egan

The Insurmountable Problem The Big Wave
by Major Setback
by Sue Nami

Crime Does Not Pay
The Candy Store
by Laura Norda
by Pepper Mintz

Errors and Accidents
The Complete Proctologists Handbook
by Miss Takes and Miss Haps
by Ben Dover

Events In The Soviet Union
A Load of Old Rubbish
by Perry Stroika
by Stefan Nonsense

Exercise on Wheels
Tape Recording for Beginners
by Cy Kling
by Cass Ette

Making the Least of Life
Don't Leave Without Me
by Minnie Mumm
by Isa Coming

When Shall We Meet Again ? Making the Most of Life
by Miles Apart
by Maxie Mumm

The Artic Ocean

by I.C. Waters

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