Thursday, October 11, 2007

planning for trip-flights

Looking at travelling in 2008, and so looking at what type of baseline costs to get a return from Sydney to Rome for 2 adults and one child. So far for economy its about $5,650

Cathay Pacific (CX100)
09h 25m Sydney [SYD]
14:55 10-Apr-2008
Hong Kong [HKG]
22:20 10-Apr-2008

Swiss International Swiss International (LX139)
12h 55m Hong Kong [HKG]
23:20 10-Apr-2008
Zurich [ZRH]
06:15 11-Apr-2008

Swiss International Swiss International (LX1736)
01h 25m Zurich [ZRH]
12:35 11-Apr-2008
Rome - Fiumicino [FCO]
14:00 11-Apr-2008
that's 3 touchdowns...and almost 24 hrs in the air not to mention 5 hrs wait in Zurich! We'd have to sleep in a good Roman hotel for a day to get over the jet lag. So not looking forward to that.

Business class fares skyrocket to $17,350!

Thai International (TG994)
09h 25m Sydney [SYD]
10:00 10-Apr-2008
Bangkok [BKK]
16:25 10-Apr-2008

Thai International Thai International (TG944)
11h 30m Bangkok [BKK]
00:20 11-Apr-2008
Rome - Fiumicino [FCO]
06:50 11-Apr-2008
However, more leg room and one less stopover make it a little more bearable but is the added
$11,000 worth it? Probably not if i can use some of the knowledge this site provides about choosing where to sit in airlines. Looks like i'm heading off to seatguru!
The above costing was done using an online flight selector company ( I'll see if i can find any better ones and if those airline's have any good deals.

See ya

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