Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rome painting 'may be a Caravaggio'

Rome - Experts are examining whether a painting belonging to
the Catholic priestly order of the Jesuits in Rome is the work of
Italian master Caravaggio

The painting identified by the Vatican newspaper, depicts the
martyrdom of the 3rd century Saint Lawrence of Rome, who was
reputedly burned or 'grilled' to death in 258 during a persecution of
Christians ordered by the Emperor Valerian.

The painting's authentication as a work of Caravaggio 'still
awaits an official guarantee,

'What is certain is that the painting is stylistically impeccable
... What is notable is the light and the dark background ... '
Salviucci Insolera wrote.

his paintings showcase his groundbreaking use of
'chiaroscuro,' a technique that achieves a stark realism by
dramatically contrasting light and shadow

Many of .

His works pioneered what became known as the Baroque school and
several adorn some of Rome's most famous churches and palaces.

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