Saturday, July 17, 2010

CHUCK LORRE official vanity cards

read one a day for a chuckle and insight into writer, director, producer of sitcoms, Grace Under Fire, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory..he also wrote Deborah Harry's hit single "French Kissin' in the USA"
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When I was in the shower this morning, I thought: If we assume a Big Bang beginning of the universe, then every molecule, every atom, every proton, every electron, every quark, every wavelength, every vibration, every multi-dimensional string, every everything that makes up everything else shares an ineffable property of pre-Bang Oneness. Assuming that, then every everything is always moving in one of two directions: either away from that primordial state, or returning towards it. We feel these quantum movements. Moving away is experienced as loneliness, fear, anger and despair. Returning is experienced as one or more of the infinite variations and gradations of what we call love.
When I was done reflecting on this, I stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and, while glancing at the mirror, pondered a new thought: "I have a pretty nice ass for a guy my age."
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