Friday, April 17, 2009

Tilt-Shift Tutorial

tutorial which is faster & easier then doing masking/ gradient tool / time consuming
tutorial will work in Photoshop Elements or the pro version.
First: Open the image and duplicate the background layer. (command + J on a mac)
Second: Apply a Gaussian Blur to the duplicated layer
Third: Depending on the image, adjust the radius of the blur, make sure you can still kinda tell what is going on in the background.
Fourth: Select the eraser tool and adjust your brush opacity. Make sure that you are using a brush with a soft edge as it will blend better
opacity at 100% with a small brush size, maybe the size of a dime, then as I make the brush bigger, I decrease the brush opacity.
final image. As long as you keep thinking to yourself "what would this look like if it was a model and I was using a macro lens?" you should be in
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