Saturday, September 29, 2007

help your liver

While everyone is in love with cranberry juice to solve their UTI (urinary tract infection) and Goji Berry juice for whatever...i've been using Jiaogulan tea . Originally, i was told it would influence my liver levels. I had just returned bad numbers on 3 out of the 5 measures for liver functioning and was told to curb my diet...which consisted of food that made me come down with gout every 2 months or so. The tea is cheap..about $4.00 for a pack of 25 tea bags. It is very bitter tea and i usually let it sit for an hour and drink it when it is cool. Go to your regular CHinatown shop.
It is supposed to help in these areas...

Regulates Cholesterol Reduces Blood Sugar

Regulates Blood Pressure Sedative Effects

Improves Circulation Relaxing Spasms

Stimulates Liver Function Increase Stamina and Endurance

Strengthens the Immune Strengthens the Nervous System

I understand that it helps with the removal of fatty stuff from the liver...and was told not to get worried if my urine looked really yellow (which it did). My Liver functioning levels have been within good range for 3 years and i drink a cup of this tea per day. I have stored a bout 10 boxes of this tea bags.


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