Saturday, September 29, 2007

drinks for enjoyment

I start the day with water and half a squeezed lemon. Very refreshing and non-acidic...the lemony acid taste actually changes to alkalinity in the body. I find oranges very acidic and seem to cause some bloating.
I don't mind apple juice with mineral water..with a twist of lemon. I like lemonade but not the sweet know, when it tastes almost like coke.
I love Indian Tonic water but i hear it has some ingredients that are unhealthy (what isn't these days).
I started drinking red wine when i was 14 yrs old. Parents did not table cordial so they mixed one part wine to 7 parts cold water and voila - bevanda...a term from the croatian language i believe describes this delicious but moorish drink.
Beer. What can i say. It has to be bloody cold and with bite. German and Dutch beers are nice and Ossie beer like VB suits me fine...Italian beers are little on the "watery" side. I find American beers tasteless and "watery".
I can consume coffee all day. Never let me go inside people can drink that tasteless me! Vittoria coffee suits me as does Lavazza, however a lot has to do with Barista experience and might i say...many have no idea.
For mixing drinks here's a good site.


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