Thursday, May 10, 2007

words to impress

You know the person, you know where they come from...and if they take a minute to tell you about something, anything, whether it be a concept or directions, or work/job proposal...then they are being pretentious (long winded!)...and you HAVE to intervene (cut them off!).
I've been around these types too many times, but the opposite is much more damaging to their image and respect...they use short passages of words which are intimidating and gruff and usually put you off having any involvement with them.

Anyway, to start off...

at the present time, at this point in timenow
due to the fact thatbecause
during the course ofwhile
for the simple reason thatbecause
on left are wordy passages and on the right is more useful. More...

an estimated roughly, nearly

afford an opportunity allow, let

adequate number of enough

as a consequence of because

You don't want to sound like "a public servant" or you are "in job mode" all the time.

Funny but useful observations, are handy, because they if they are used to PUNCH an idea, they imply you know your subject.
"Given the choice, i'm sure Russian cosmonauts would not come back to Earth"
Funny, but horribly true...a real paradox.


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