Tuesday, May 15, 2007

forgot your pc password?

Many people go away on vacation then forget their password for use on their windows XP pc. What do you do? Format the drive and reinstall windows ? No.

Download a program called ERD Commander. Use it to create a boot CD, which you should insert into your CD Rom and restart your computer.

Select the windows installation you want and under the System menu item called "Locksmith" you can find all administrator usernames and passwords.
Then exit out, reboot to Windows; and then log in as an administrator and reset her password.

Also, if you are using administrator account in Normal Mode, do the following....
1. Go to the Start menu, and click Run.
2. In the window that opens, type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes, and click the OK button. (This tool is reserved for Windows XP Professional Edition.)
3. A new window will open listing Administrator and any other accounts you have set up on the machine. Click on Administrator to highlight it, and then click the Reset Password button.
4. Enter the new password in the boxes marked "new password" and "confirm new password" and click OK.
5. Click OK to close the User Accounts window.


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