Thursday, April 12, 2007

oz attachment to anti heroes

Well, the media love anti heroes and by proxy we, the public , seem to also love them. David Hicks, Chapelle Corby, we talk about them now as people who have not had a fair case. Talkback radio is besotted with them and the right winging listeners are duped by all the commotion created by various positions taken by the media icons.
Recall, Chopper . Well, after a movie and a talk circuit with the ugliest motherf*****r who used to play afl, things have gone back to normal.
But, you hardly hear about the good doings of people like Rev Fred Nile. But he ain't a cash machine.
It's entrepreneurs who eke a living out of "names" that seem to keep Oz's convict past firmly fresh in the minds of funny nation.

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