Wednesday, April 18, 2007

killing field usa

wow, so many dead, and the world points to usa and says "no guns" and usa shouts back" if they had guns then they would have shot the killer".

For argument fodder, swiss and israeli are mentioned (as carrying guns) and their low death rates with bullets....however the swiss are so neutral they burrowed most of the alps (like swiss cheese) to hide to avoid confrontation , and the israeli's are on minute by minute alerts, so if good ol' cherlton heston wants someone to come prise his gun from his lifeless hand atop the dungeoned and fortifies hills of beverly, then here i come.

Thes second amendment was/is not made for modern times...but if most of yall want to keep living in tornado country and face the wrath, then like guns, expect the worst.

the booz

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