Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some unusual monuments

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Carhenge, Alliance, Neb. (© Bill Bachmann/
Nebraska, a unique replica of England’s Stonehenge rises out of the high plains. Carhenge was constructed in 1987 with vintage automobiles painted gray to replicate stone.
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Portrait of Ferdinand Cheval, Le Palais Ideal, Hauterives, France (© Maisant Ludovic/hemis/agefotostock)
Cheval was a French postman
who gathered stones on his mail route each day to build Le Palais Ideal,
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Scale model of Crazy Horse Memorial with mountain  sculpture in distance, S.D. (© Cindy Miller Hopkins/
unfinished Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota will someday be the world’s largest sculpture
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The Child Eater of Bern statue, Bern, Switzerland (© Sunny Celeste/age fotostock)
Bern, a disturbing fountain depicts an ogre devouring a naked child
the Kindlifresserbrunnen, or child-eater statue, is said to depict the story of Kronos from Greek mythology, who eats his children to keep them from taking his throne.
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Manneken Pis fountain, Brussels, Belgium (© SuperStock)
The statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain, the Manneken Pis
in Brussels
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Saint Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse statue, Lucerna Palace, Prague  (© fotostock)
St. Wenceslas
Riding a Dead Horse in Prague
created in 1999 as a parody of a right-side-up statue
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Nurses pose near a monument to enemas, Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium, Zheleznovodsk, Russia (© Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium/AP)
The Enema Monument is a nearly 800 pound bronze statue of a syringe held by three children.
Mashuk-Akva Term  spa
s known for its mineral springs, the water of which is used in enemas
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