Friday, May 23, 2008

great defragment software - free

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UltimateDefrag is revolutionary defrag software that not only lets you defrag, but also considers a more important phenomenon, and that is, the placement of files and folders on your hard drive. With UltimateDefrag you can place the files you want the best performance from onto the faster areas of your hard drive and also get all of your unused data right out of the way and repositioned onto the slower areas of your hard drive
UltimateDefrag lets you specify defrag routines right down to the individual file and folder level
You choose the files that you want performance from and those that you don’t or let UltimateDefrag do it for you – automatically based on file usage
UltimateDefrag Screenshot
UltimateDefrag Screenshot

Download: UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEditionSetup.exe (2.2 MB)
If you decide that you do not want to use all of the advanced options and simply want a fast reliable defrag
Simply select the AUTO option
fastest and cleverest defrag engine
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